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We are all about solutions. We are passionate about delivering the best solutions for your creative business challenges. We know we’re only as successful as you are, so we work hard to bring the success to you.
We have grown into a leading interactive media delivery expert, specializing in creative video solutions. We provide live video, VOD, real-time communications, interactive classroom environments, multi-user collaboration, multi-player gaming, audio streaming, live data streaming and more. With our global streaming network, we are known for our massive scalability, reliability and superior customer support.
Turn your simple video streaming into an immersive interactive experience.
The Platform for Enabling Social Interaction
The Flash Media Interactive Server software is the underlying platform for the majority of multiway experiences that use Flash technology on the web today. Deliver breakthrough, engaging environments supported by enhanced multiway communications, HD-quality Video, integrated live video streams, delivery to mobile devices, plus deeper interactivity through extensible development architecture.
The Flash Media Server 4 (Interactive and Enterprise) offers a unique combination of powerful streaming with a flexible environment for creating and delivering rich, interactive, multiway social media experiences to the broadest possible audience. You’ll find a superior video experience with enhanced features such as RTMFP (Real Time Media Flow Protocol), faster switching with RTMP Dynamic Streaming, interactive access to buffered media, Absolute Time Code and H.264 enhancements. For various industries, the FMS 4’s advantages are obvious.
Benefits of FMS 4
Users can stream live video from their webcam or camcorder to their website or even record it onto the server. For streaming high definition quality live video, we recommend using Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE). For quick standard web streaming, use our Video Broadcaster application. Offers several solutions for live streaming including large-scale enterprise options as well as several turn-key applications included with your account.
live video
The Flash Media Server can stream several file types including: FLV, MP4, M4V, F4V, 3GPP, and audio type MP3. This gives you the ability to stream from small, optimized FLV files up to true H.264 HD 1080p quality video.
Video Conferencing is the convenient alternative to travel hassles, delays, costly airfares and accommodation woes.Increase productivity, save time and money spent in transit, reduce your carbon footprint on the environment and strengthen your staff morale by providing a better work-life balance
"We conduct regular meetings with employees, who are dispersed across 30 offices...pretty darn easy to use."
Customer testimonial
"Mark E., NECA"
"Now, anyone in the company, or customers for that matter, are just a mouse click away."
"Jason K., Structural Group"
"It's really helping us to keep meetings and be more flexible.
."  Bala R., University of Illinois at Chicago."
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